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  • What are some ideas to combining move ?
    1. You can combine move with person who is moving from nearby your starting location and going towards your destination.
    2. You can combine move with person moving your opposite direction. You can pick up the truck and other person can drop it. Most of the rental truck companies charge extra money if your pickup and drop location is different. Many of them do not even allow it or might not have a shop in near your destination. In such a situation it is a good idea to share the truck with a person moving in opposite direction.

  • Is there anything I should be aware of while sharing a rental truck ?
    Yes, here are some of the tips:
    1. Make sure all the person who will drive the truck are listed in drivers list if the rental truck company allows it, if not then discuss and decide who will drive and how will you divide the liability in case truck is damaged because of any reason.
    2. Divide the rental truck payment and cost upfront.
    3. Check for any damage how much ever small it may be before you take it out of the rental truck shop or when you exchange it.
    4. Make sure it is not very old truck. An older vehicle that has not been looked after may be unsafe. It may break down, leaving you stranded on the highway.
    5. If you plan to divide the rental truck time then decide upfront who will be using the truck for how much time and from when to when.
    Please leave us a feedback to include more tips.

  • What are some of the things I should be aware of while renting a truck ?
    1. Read and understand the terms and conditions of insurance coverage, specially see if there is any deductible.
    2. Ask if there is any age limit requirement for drivers.
    3. Know how much will the truck company charge if there is delay in dropping off the truck.
    4. Find out by when you should drop the truck.
    5. It is a good idea to check your auto insurance company's policy regarding truck rental coverage.

  • Whats is a container?
    Container are big moving iron or plastic boxes provided by service providers like u-pack.

  • How do I post a move ?
    Click on [Post] link and choose what you want to share. Provide the move or ride information and done.

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